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Standards required to achieve ultra-high voltage in AC resonant testing systems without partial disc

Sep. 22, 2023

       Series resonance without partial discharge needs to reach UHV, which requires the following standards:

The standards required for achieving ultra-high voltage in non-discharge series resonance are as fol

  Equipment voltage level:UHV voltage level is usually 1000 kV and above,so it is necessary to have equipment that can withstand this voltage level.

  Insulation performance:UHV power systems have very high requirements for insulation performance,so the equipment used needs to have good insulation performance to ensure the safe operation of the power system.

  High current capability:UHV power systems typically have large currents,so the equipment used needs to have sufficient current carrying capacity to ensure the normal operation of the power system.

  High electrical breakdown resistance:There is a high electric field strength in the UHV power system,so the equipment used needs to have a high resistance to electrical breakdown to avoid breakdown failure in the power system.

  It should be noted that series resonance without partial discharge is only a power transmission technology in the UHV power system,and other factors such as power line design and insulator selection will also have an impact on the implementation of the UHV power system.Therefore,when implementing UHV power grids,it is also necessary to consider the above factors comprehensively to ensure the stable operation of the power system.