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HMCXZ AC Resonant Test Set

AC Resonant Test System
Resonant Test
Resonant Frequency Test

Product Description


The device is mainly aimed at consumers 10kV,35kV cable and  under compression experiment design and manufacture of substation exchanges. Reactor using separate design not only can meet high voltage, low current equipment test conditions request, and can satisfy the consumers 10kV cable such as low voltage ac pressure test requirements, has a wide scope, earth, city and county level shall high-voltage test departments and electricity installation, repair engineering unit ideal compression test equipment.


  1. Device with over-voltage,over-current, zero startup, system detuning,high voltage flashover fault,ect  protection function.the over-voltage over-current protection value can be set according to the needs of user.flashover protection movement when the test object flashover, and mark down flashover voltage value, for test analyzed.
  2. The whole device ,the largest piece very light weight not more than 40kg and convenient for field use.
  3. Device has four working mode, user-friendly according to the site condition flexible choice, improve test speed.working mode as automatic mode,manual mode,automatic tune mode and manual boost mode.
  4. Can store and print data,nonlocal print data, the serial number of the stored data is number, easy to help users digital identification and searching.
  5. Frequency starting point can be set arbitrarily within prescribed scope when the device automatic frequency sweep.Sweep frequency direction can choose to up or down,, meanwhile color LCD big screen display scanning resonance boost and timing curve, be convenient for the user intuitive understanding whether find resonant point.
  6. Adopted DSP platform technology, according to user needs ,can conveniently increase or decrease function and upgrade, but also makes the man-computer exchange interface humanized.


  1. Rated Capacity:20-20000 kVA; 
  2. Output Voltage: 0-1000 kV; 
  3. Output frequency: 30-300Hz; 
  4. Input Power: 220V/380V ± 10 % single phase, 50Hz;
  5. Waveform distortion rate: output voltage distortion ≤1 %
  6. Working time: 30mins under rated load; 
  7. Cable testing: continuous 60 minutes under rated load
  8. Temperature rise: <65Kunder rated load
  9. Working Temperature: -15℃~+45℃; 
  10. Accuracy: RMS 1.5
It can be customized according to testing requirements .