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Parameter Calculation Method for AC Resonance Testing System Circuit

Sep. 22, 2023

       Series resonance refers to connecting multiple resonant circuits in series to form a more complex circuit.The calculation method for series resonance circuit parameters is as follows:

The parameter calculation method of the series resonant circuit

  Calculate total inductance:Add up the values of each inductance to get the total inductance value.That is,L=L1+L2+L3+...+Ln.

  Calculate total capacitance:Add up the reciprocal values of each capacitance,then take the reciprocal to get the total capacitance value.That is,C=1/{(1/C1)+(1/C2)+(1/C3)+...+(1/Cn)}.

  Calculate total resistance:Add up the values of each resistance to get the total resistance value.That is,R=R1+R2+R3+...+Rn.

  Calculate resonance frequency:Resonance frequency refers to the frequency at which the output frequency of the circuit equals the input frequency.The formula for calculating the resonance frequency is f=1/{2π√(LC)},where f is the resonance frequency,L is the total inductance,and C is the total capacitance.

  Calculate quality factor:The quality factor refers to the ratio of the bandwidth to the resonance frequency within the frequency range near the resonance frequency of the circuit.The formula for calculating the quality factor is Q=f/Δf,where Q is the quality factor,f is the resonance frequency,andΔf is the bandwidth.

  Calculate bandwidth:Bandwidth refers to the frequency range of the circuit near the resonance frequency.The formula for calculating the bandwidth isΔf=f/Q,whereΔf is the bandwidth,f is the resonance frequency,and Q is the quality factor.

  The above are the parameter calculation methods for series resonant circuits.It should be noted that these calculation formulas are based on ideal circuit models,and there may be some non-ideal factors in actual circuits,such as internal resistance of resistors,inductors,and capacitors,which may affect the calculation results of parameters.Therefore,in practical applications,adjustments and corrections need to be made based on the specific circuit characteristics.