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The difference between AC resonance testing system and AC resonance testing system without partial d

Sep. 23, 2023

       Series resonance and non-discharge series resonance are two different circuit structures, and their differences are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Difference between series resonance and non-discharge series resonance

  Circuit Structure:A series resonant circuit is formed by connecting inductors,capacitors,and resistors in series.The inductor and capacitor form a resonant circuit,and the resistor is used to limit the current.An unloaded series resonant circuit adds passive components(such as transistors,field-effect transistors,etc.)on the basis of the series resonant circuit to enhance the output power of the circuit.

  Working Principle:The series resonant circuit has high impedance near the resonant frequency,which can provide voltage amplification function but has a small output power.The unloaded series resonant circuit can achieve a larger output power through the amplification effect of passive components.

  Application Range:Series resonant circuits are commonly used in electronic filters,oscillators,and other circuits that require frequency selectivity,used to filter out or amplify specific frequency signals.Unloaded series resonant circuits are commonly used in RF power amplifiers,radio transmitters,and other occasions that require larger output power.

  In summary,there are certain differences between series resonant circuits and unloaded series resonant circuits in terms of circuit structure,working principle,and application range,mainly reflected in output power and amplification function.