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HMCXZW AC Resonant Test System With Partial Discharge

High Voltage Resonant Test System;
Withstanding Voltage Tester;
Resonant Test Set;Resonant Test System.

Product Description


AC Resonant test system with partial discharge is used to make the ac resonant test for the GIL, GIS, busbar,cable, transformer and other electrical materials. For such equipment, we also can control its partial discharge into one very lower value .
It is widely used at site based on its lighter weight, portable installation and easier operation. Variable Frequency is from 20Hz~300hZ.


  1. Full English version, can adopt laptop to operate.
  2. New technology, finding resonance within 30s
  3. Full frequency sweep; Automatically track the resonant point;  
  4. Graphic display,Display the curve of frequency and voltage,
  5. Multi-operation modes.
  6. Full-voltage output protection
  7. With silicone rubber housing with sheds, special to be suitable for outdoors using.


  1. Rated output voltage: based on different test objects, max up to 1000kV.
  2. Output frequency: 20- 300Hz.
  3. Waveform: pure sine wave, THD <1.0%.
  4. Max. capacity: Max up to 20000kVA
  5. Duty Cycle: Continuous working time 60 mins at full power output.
  6. Frequency adjustment sensitivity: 0.1Hz, instability <0.05%.
  7. Power Supply: 380/220V ± 15%/50Hz ± 5%.
  8. Partial discharge level:Less than 5 pC, If the voltage is up to 600kV or Above, less than 10pC.