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HMCXZW AC Resonant Test Set With Partial Discharge

Resonance Frequency Device
High Voltage Resonant Test System
Resonant Test System

Product Description


AC Resonant test set with partial discharge Is used to make AC withstand voltage test for HV cable, GIS, Power transformer , Busbar, etc . Compared to power frequecy AC hipot tester , variable frequncy AC resonant test set can generate high voltage and big current in much samller size and lighter weight . it is widely used outside , frequency is 30~300hZ,partial discharge could be controlled within 5 Pc, even lower.


  1. High stability and reliability.The Resonant test system adopts imported power components as the core of power conversion,stable voltage output and frequency output,reasonable electromagnetic compatibility design,perfect protection function
  2. Autotune is powerful.When the ac resonant test set is automatically tuned,the frequency sweep is automatically swept from 30Hz to 300Hz,and the sweep curve is displayed,and the user can intuitively see the system tuning process;After the frequency sweep is completed,the system performs frequency sweeping with a resolution of 0.01Hz within its±5Hz range.
  3. Ultiple operation modes are supported.The device supports"automatic tuning+manual voltage regulation","automatic tuning+automatic voltage regulation","manual tuning+manual voltage regulation"and other test modes.
  4. The resonant test set has a friendly human-computer interface.Test parameter setting,test control,test results are displayed on the same screen,intuitive and clear,and have automatic timing and operation prompt functions.Full touch screen operation and display,with test data saving and query functions;
  5. Complete protection functions.The ac resonant test system has zero protection,overvoltage protection,overcurrent protection,flashover protection,etc.


  1. Rated output voltage: based on different test objects, max up to 1000kV.
  2. Output frequency: 20- 300Hz.
  3. Waveform: pure sine wave, THD <1.0%.
  4. Max. capacity: Max up to 20000kVA
  5. Duty Cycle: Continuous working time 60 mins at full power output.
  6. Frequency adjustment sensitivity: 0.1Hz, instability <0.05%.
  7. Power Supply: 380/220V ± 15%/50Hz ± 5%.
  8. Partial discharge level:Less than 5 pC, If the voltage is up to 600kV or Above, less than 10pC.