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HM-YDIM Discharge Free Induced Voltage Test System

High Voltage AC Resonant Test System
High Voltage Test Equipment Price
AC High Voltage Breakdown Tester

Product Description


It’s used to make partial discharge induced voltage test for power transformer, and AC withstand voltage test for power cables, GIS, etc


  1. The device is safe and reliable, which integrated all kinds of protections including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, discharge (breakdown) protection, protection after test power failed, zero voltage start protection, overheat protection, etc. When any one of the above protections acted, the device will block the test voltage output and switch off the power of main circuit to make sure the safety of test personnel, test object and the test system.
  2. The operation is easy and convenient with simple wiring connection.
  3. Small in size, light in weight, flexible handling which is suitable for field use.
  4. It adopts microcomputer control, which has good output stability and high reliability.
  5. The high voltage output sine wave distortion is less than 1%, which has no damage to the test object.


  1. Rated output voltage: based on different test objects
  2. Output frequency: 30- 300Hz.
  3. Waveform: pure sine wave, THD <1.0%.
  4. Max. capacity: based on different test objects
  5. Duty Cycle: Continuous working time 60 mins at full power output.
  6. Frequency adjustment sensitivity: 0.1Hz, instability <0.05%.
  7. Power Supply: 380/220V ± 15%/50Hz ± 5%.
  8. Partial discharge level:Less than 10 pC at rated voltage, even lower.