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HMCXL Power Frequency Inductive Resonant Test System

Inductive Resonant Test System,
HV Test Equipment,
High Voltage AC Resonant Test System;

Product Description


High Voltage Resonant Test System can be divided into variable frequency resonant test system and inductive resonant test system.
for the inductive resonant test system, the frequency is stable 50hz, it adjust the resonance through the inductance's changing. Inductive resonant test set is widely used in generators.


  1. Auto-matic step-down function when the withstand voltage time is reaching : Digital timer is used for withstand timing and when reach to withstanf voltage time, the system will  automatically step-down.
  2. Zero turn on and zero boost: Zero limit function, if the voltage regulator is not zero, the high voltage output button can not close, and ensure that the system is from zero to step up.
  3. Over current protection function: The system is equipped with electromagnetic overcurrent relay, this relay anti-interference ability, quick action, to avoid test products not flow damage.
  4. Over-voltage and the flashover protection function: The utility model is provided with an electronic overvoltage flashover protective plate to avoid the damage of the test product not subjected to pressure and flashover, and the action is rapid.
  5. Real-time monitoring function of each test data: The voltage and current value can be monitored, so that the test can be understood more intuitively.
  6. Phase sequence protection: The main function of the phase sequence protector is to avoid the wrong connection of the three-phase phase sequence of A, B, and C of the input power supply. If the wrong phase sequence protection relay operates, neither the console nor the circuit breaker can be closed; only when the correct phase sequence is connected can it be closed.


  1. Rated output voltage: based on different test objects, max up to 1000kV.
  2. Output frequency: 50Hz.
  3. Waveform: pure sine wave, THD<1.0%.
  4. Max. capacity: Max up to 20000kVA
  5. Power Supply: 380/220V ± 15%/50Hz ± 5%.