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HM-CD3900 Underground Pipeline Detector

Product Description


HM-CD3900 is a high performance underground metallic pipe locating system. It consists a transmitter and a receiver, can be used to do route tracing, pipe exploration and depth measurement of the underground cables and metallic pipes.It can also be used to identify target cable from a bunch of cables, locate the pipe insulation damage and part type cable fault.


  • Compass display: to display pipe position and left-right direction directly.
  • Right/wrong indication: measure the pipe current direction to indicate tracing result correct or wrong and avoid the nearby lines interference under certain frequencies.
  • Depth measurement and current measurement and display the signal strength history cursor.
  • All digital high accuracy sampling which is stable and reliable with ultra high sensitivity and narrow receiving transmission band to greatly enhance the capacity of resisting disturbance and fully inhibit the power interference and harmonic interference from the nearby running cable and pipe.
  • Cable/pipe identification:flexible Clamp (optional) identification and sensor identification. Clamp identification can precisely gives accurate result. sensor (optional) identification could be used when the Clamp identification is not applicable.
  • Grounding fault location: Use the booster (optional ) could rise output voltage to max.1000V,and use the A frame (optional) to pinpoint the pipe insulation damaged points against the ground. No need to do zero set and the arrow will point to the fault point direction.
  • Multiple locating frequencies support both active detection an passive detection.
  • Multiple signal output mode: Direct connection output, Clamp Coupling, Radiation method.
  • Large power output of transmitter digital amplifier with auto impedance matching and auto protection.
  • Built-in big capacity Li-on batteries series,support auto power off when low battery or long time no operation
  • Solid case and light weight easy to carry


  • Output: Direct Connection output, Clamp Coupling Output (optional), Radiation output, fault location booster (optional).
  • Output Frequency: 640Hz (complex frequency), 1280Hz (complex frequency), 10kHz, 33kHz, 82kHz,197kHz.
  • Output power: max. 10W, 10 levels adjustable, auto impedance matching.
  • Direct connection voltage: max. 150Vpp.
  • Overload and short circuit protection.
  • HMI: 320x240 LCD.
  • Power supply: 4 X built-in 18650 Li-on batteries, standard 7.4V, 6.8Ah.
  • Input: Internal receiving loop, Clamp (optional), flexiable sensor (optional),sensor (optional),fault locating A Frame (optional).
  • Receiving frequency:
  • - Active frequency: 640Hz,1280Hz,10kHz,33kHz,82kHz,197kHz
  • - Power frequency: 50Hz/60Hz,250Hz/300Hz
  • - Radiation frequency passive frequency: center frequency 10kHz, 33kHz, 82kHz  
  • Pipe detection mode: wide peak method, narrow peak method, valley method
  • Cable identification mode: flexible Clamp (optional) intelligent identification and sensor (optional) identification
  • HMI: 320X240 LCD
  • Built-in battery: 2 X 18650 Li-on batteries, standard 7.4V,3.4Ah
  •  Volume: transmitter 280x220x90mm,receiver 680x277x120mm
  •  Weight: transmitter 2.3 kgs, receiver 2.0 kgs
  •  Charger: input AC 100~240V,50/60Hz,output DC8.4V,2A
  •  Temperature: -10-40ºC,humidity 5-90%,elevation <4500