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HM-A300 Cable Fault Locator

Tdr Cable Fault Locator;
Thumper Cable Fault Locator;
Best Underground Cable Locator;

Product Description


Cable fault locator system is composed of power cable fault pre-locator,integration high voltage power supply, path locating meter ,cable pinpointing meter and multiple impulse generator.
It is widely used for the test of various types of power cable fault, cable path, cable buried depth, as well as railway, airport control signal and cable failure precision test.


  1. 12.1-inch resistive touch screen, touch pen touch mouse dual control
  2. Max test distance could be up to 100Km.
  3. Using three kinds of test method|: TDR, ARC and HV pulse
  4. The HV generator, integrated design, built-in capacitor, simple wiring.
  5. Touch screen, simple setting and operation, intuitive and convenient display.
  6. With voltage regulation, automatic voltage stabilization and automatic protection functions.
  7. The output high voltage has the function of single pulse and continuous pulse.
  8. The output high voltage has a DC output, which can work with an external ball gap, and has a variety of applications.
  9. The software controls vacuum impulse ignition and discharge, self-adaptive discharge and pulse period.
  10. With emergency stop button, automatic discharge function, safe and reliable.
  11. The continuous working time is not less than 6 hours, meeting the longest working time of cable fault test.


  1. Working mode: low voltage pulse (TDR), pulse current (HV Pulse), multiple pulses (ARC).
  2. Precise locating error: ±0.2m.
  3. Sampling frequency: 100MHz, 50MHz, 25MHz, 12.5MHz, 6.25MHz, real-time sampling.
  4. Maximum working distance: 100km.
  5. Test blind zone: 5m.
  6. Communication interface: USB.
  7. High voltage generator :0~32kV DC output continues
  8. Pinpointing : Acoustic or magnetic synchronization (option)