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Cable Burning instrumen

Cable burning tester,
cable fault burning test kit

Product Description


This kind of equipment can emit a DC constant current voltage, forming a point heat source when the insulation is not good, and changing the insulation condition by the point heat source To achieve our ideal test status. A large number of practices have proved that this method is very effective in solving connector failures and other difficult faults. KC-60 CNC digital DC withstand voltage burn-through source (DC high voltage constant current power supply) is mainly used for high voltage cable insulation defects and high resistance leakage. The burn-through of the fault point causes the insulation resistance value of the poor insulation point and the high-resistance fault point to be greatly reduced, and the fault test condition is reached (the high voltage pulse can fully discharge). At the same time, it can also be used as a DC high-voltage power supply, which can perform DC withstand voltage tests on cables, capacitors, motors, porcelain bottles, etc. Used for DC withstand voltage of high-voltage electrical equipment, especially suitable for burn-through of high-resistance fault points of power cables, reducing the resistance at fault points。


  1. Used for burn-through of high voltage cable with poor insulation points and high resistance leakage fault points to reduce its insulation resistance and meet the requirements of fault testing。
  2. Adopting switching power supply technology, PWM pulse width modulation, adjusting output voltage and current, super audio full-bridge inverter, voltage doubler rectification, small ripple coefficient, no noise。
  3. Using single-chip industrial control technology, the burn-through voltage is automatically adjusted down as the insulation resistance value is reduced, the burn-through current is greatly increased, and the fault of the insulation failure point and high-resistance leakage point of the cable in a short time (maximum current 600mA)。
  4. Large-scale integrated circuit and digital control technology are used to realize multiple safety protection functions such as burn-in automatic shutdown, automatic overload protection, high temperature automatic alarm, etc., the maximum voltage, maximum current, and limit power are triple-limited;
  5. Professionally designed high-voltage output socket and high-voltage plug-in connector. The length of high-voltage cables can be determined according to user needs, and it is easy to replace.。
  6. Internally adopts high-precision digital detection technology and high-tech insulation technology, and uses a large-screen color liquid crystal as an information terminal, which can clearly display the real-time change curves of voltage and current during burn-through, and realize real-time collection of voltage and current values. And record the test time。
  7. The high-voltage part is packaged with solid insulation materials, which can be used in low-pressure and humid environments at high altitudes.。


1.Max output peak voltage:60KV
2.Max output peak current:600mA
3.Continous power:1000W 
4.Display error:<±1.5%
5.Working voltage:AC 220V±10%  50Hz
6.Working temperature :-20℃ — 50℃
8.Display:5.6cun color LCD screen,resolution ratio is 640*480
9.Weight:25kg    Measuring size 450*320*340(mm)