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HM-6050 Underground Cable Fault Locator

Cable Locating Devices;
Cable Detector Device;
Cable Locator Equipment

Product Description


Electric underground cable fault locator is networking cable fault test platform based on embedded computer platform. It is integrated USB communication technology, touch-screen technology and 3G communication technology and this greatly improved the performance of the instrument in practice and is easy to operate.
It includes : TDR host, the cable path tracing and pinpointing meter; high voltage generator , manual console.


  1. Adopts embedded industrial computer platform, Industrial grade using environment,high stability. Lithium electricity power supply, convenient for site test.
  2. 12.1 inch large screen system,touch mouse operation,Computer XP operating platform integrated software.
  3. Adopts the latest USB communication interface,signal collecting stability, can realize double control anddouble display by use with a notebook  computer, The host can automatically select five kinds  of sampling frequency from 6.25MHz to 100MHz, adaptive pulse width can meet the  esting requirements of different cable lengths to reduce the rough measurement error and improve test accuracy.
  4. Software realize searching fault automatically , display distance automatically , double vernier movement which can be accurate to 0.15 m.  Waveform can be freely compressed and extended,two waveforms closer to the standard displaying in one screen for you to accurately compare and analyze, improve test accuracy and reduce error.
  5. The host can equip with WIFI receiver and 3G software to get remote on-site test help and suggestions from our experts. Technicians can help  on-site testing through android testing software at any time and anywhere.
  6. 8G memory multiple kinds of field waveform and field wiring diagram,can be used with a tap.
  7. Precise locator can directly display the distance from tester to fault point. We use squelch technology which is another innovation of domestic  similar products. It helps you in locating fault precisely and quickly and also helps your reduce damage and loss arising from power off.
  8. The newly developed intelligent combined sampler has replaced the tedious field connection.  It has the features of intuitive waveform, easy analysis, complete isolation from the high voltage,  and absolute safety for the main engine and operators.


  1. Can test cable fault at different voltage levels. Can test cable fault of different cable sections, different dielectric and different cable materials. Can test open-circuit cable fault, short-circuit cable fault, low-resistance cable fault, high-resistance leakage cable fault and high-resistance flash-over cable fault.
  2. Can test all faults of railway communication control cable, streetlight cable and airport signal cable.
  3. Can test wave transmitting velocity in any cable of known length.
  4. Can test buried route and depth of power cable.
  5. Test distance: max 100Km
  6. Min. test distance (non-detection area): 0-5m or without
  7. Locating error:  ±0.2m
  8. Test error: system error is no ore than ±1%
  9. High voltage generator : 0~50Kv DC
  10. Pinpointing : Acoustic or magnetic synchronization (option)