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HM-A50 Cable Fault Locator System

Underground Cable Fault Finder;
Electric Cable Fault Detector;
Tdr Cable Fault Locator;

Product Description


Cable fault locator systemis an integrated model , using trolley to assemble traditional independent Cable fault pre-locator, High voltage power supply, Multiple pulse generator, Path transmitter, Insulation resistance tester into one device .
This system is used for rough test of cable fault distance , path trace , cable fault pinpoint. The test software can identify and get the complete waveform to get cable fault distance automatically.


  1. The system adopts an integrated design and it’s convenient and flexible to move.
  2. Suitable for testing all kinds of main insulation fault and outer sheath fault of 380V-220kV cable.
  3. It integrated various test function,such as fault test,high voltage power supply,insulation resistance test,cable path test,etc.
  4. The fault test unit adopts industrial control embedded computer platform and linux operating system
  5. The high frequency and high voltage power supply unit adopts touch screen control system,which reflects man-machine interaction,convenient operation,simple and intuitive display.
  6. The insulation resistance testing unit is digital and the LCD can display the working status and test results of the instrument
  7. The LCD display of cable path test can displays the signal frequency and strength of transmitter and receiver.
  8. The system is equipped with 25 meters test lines to facilitate cable fault testing in far,near and complex environments.


Power supply:AC220V/50Hz
Charging adapter :DC12V、DC16.8V 
1. Cable fault pre-locator unit
It can test various faults of power cables with different voltage classes, different sections,
different media and various  materials under 35kV,including: open circuit, short circuit,low resistance, high     
resistance leakage, high resistance flashover faults.
It can test various faults of railway communication control cable, street lamp cable and airport signal cable
It can test the speed of radio wave propagation in any cable of known length.
Display mode: 12.1-inch industrial LCD screen (Linux operating system).
Test method: low voltage pulse method, lightning flow method, multiple pulse method
Memory space:fixed 4G
Test distance :no less than 50km.
Operation mode: knob mouse
Minimum test distance(blind zone):0-5m or without blind zone
Precise fix point error:±0.2m
Test error:system error less than ±1%
Multi pulse generator :pulse voltage≤40kV
Standby time:continuous running 6 hours
Relative humidity:≤80%
Resolution:V/fm;V refer to pulse wave velocity:m/μs;software cursor 0.10m
Sample frequency:200MHz 、100MHz、50MHz、25MHz、12.5MHz、6.25MHz、
Pulse width:100ns、200ns、500ns、200 ns、1μs、2μs、5μs(automatic matching ) 
2. High voltage power supply unit
Output mode:pulse output,DC output
Output voltage:negative voltage,0~32kV continuous adjustable
Working current:≤40mA
Working mode:single pulse,continuous pulse,DC output
Built in capacitor:4uF/32kv
Discharge energy:≤2048J
Pulse period:3s~8s self adaption
Automatic discharge:Shut down , automatic discharge
Power:power frequency 220V±10% 
3. Cable path tracer :
Signal frequency:9.6KHz since wave
Detecting distance:5km
Detecting depth:3meter
Output signal frequency:9.6kHz
Output power:5W
Input signal frequency:9.6kHz
Error of detecting path:±2cm
Error of detecting depth:±5cm 
4. Insulation resistance test unit
Output voltage:500V、1000V、2500V、5000V。
With absorption ratio, polarization index, fast test and automatic insulation test functions.
Automatic discharge in fast speed.
Protection of short circuit , over load, over current and under voltage.
Turn off automatically if standby time reach 10 minutes .
Power:adapter input:AC220V、50Hz,output:DC16.8V 
5. Cable fault pinpoint unit
Dynamic range of sensor:sound channel >104dB ,magnetic field channel>110 dB Frequency range:100 Hz---1500 Hz
Amplification factor of impact discharge sound   >90dB,Impact discharge volume limit: 84dB(A),can be turned on or off
Wave set:No filter  100 Hz---15000 Hz 
Low pass filtering:100Hz---400 Hz,  band-pass filtering:150Hz---600 Hz, High-pass filtering:200Hz---1500 Hz
LCD display:bright true color screen,pixel 320 x 240 ,suitable for outdoor .
Alkaline replaceable battery convenient for file application