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HM350 Cable Fualt Locator High Voltage Generator

Cable fault location system,
Cable short circuit tester,
High-voltage cable tester

Product Description


This product is mainly used for impulse discharging when sample high-resistance fault waveforms of power cable of 35KV and below, and for impulsive discharge when precisely locate fault point. It can also be used for the burn-through of high-resistance faults of power cables and external sheath precisely locating for extra-high voltage cables above 110KV. It can burn through the breakdown point in a short time and reduce resistance in the breakdown point.


  1. Integrated design, built-in capacitor, simple wiring.
  2. Touch screen, simple setting and operation, intuitive and convenient display.
  3. With voltage regulation, automatic voltage stabilization and automatic protection functions.
  4. The output high voltage has the function of single pulse and continuous pulse.
  5. The output high voltage has a DC output, which can work with an external ball gap, and has a variety of applications.
  6. The software controls vacuum impulse ignition and discharge, self-adaptive discharge and pulse period.
  7. With emergency stop button, automatic discharge function, safe and reliable.
  8. The continuous working time is not less than 6 hours, meeting the longest working time of cable fault test.
  9. Engineering chassis design, compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to carry by one person.


  1. Output mode: pulse output, DC output
  2. Output voltage: negative voltage, 0~-35kv continuously adjustable
  3. Working current: ≤40mA
  4. Working mode: single pulse, continuous pulse, DC output
  5. Built-in capacitance: 2.8uF/35kv
  6. Discharge energy: ≤1715J
  7. Pulse period: 3s~8s adaptive
  8. Automatic discharge: automatic discharge after shutdown
  9. Working power supply: power frequency 220V±10%
  10. Display screen: 800×480 resolution touch screen
  11. Working temperature: -10℃~40℃
  12. Working humidity: ≤80%
  13. Altitude: ≤1000m