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HM5001P Transformer Turns Ratio Measuring Instrument-Handheld

Transformer Testing,
Impedance Testing,
Ratio Measurement.

Product Description


Transformer Turns Ratio(TTR)measuring instrument,these portable devices are designed to measure the turns ratio and other related parameters of transformers on-site,making them convenient for field testing and troubleshooting.The handheld transformer ratio tester is widely used in fields such as power system maintenance,transformer manufacturing,and inspection to ensure the performance and quality of transformers,as well as for fault diagnosis and calibration.


  1. Test wide range,the highest ratio can be measured up to 10000;
  2. The built-in three-phase digital power supply,to improve the stability of the test;
  3. Small volume,light weight,fast test speed,10 seconds to complete the all phase;
  4. Z linking transformer testing;
  5. Automatic link number test function;
  6. No power down clock,data storaged in also inner or U disk;
  7. The function of high and low voltage reverser polarity protection,short circuit protection.
  8. Full penetration type large-screen LCD,can clearly show in the sun.


  1. Range: 0.9~10000
  2. Resolution: minimum 0.0001
  3. Accuracy: 0.2 Lelve
  4. Test Voltage: 24V
  5. Environment temperature: -10℃~50℃
  6. Environment humidity: ≤85%RH
  7. Working power: built-in lithium battery
  8. Charging power: AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
  9. Dimension: 200mm×100mm×60mm
  10. Weight: 5kg