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HM5010 Transformer Winding Deformation Tester

Power Transformer Winding Deformation Tester,
Transformer Winding Deformation Measuring Instrument,

Product Description


The transformer winding deformation tester is an instrument used to measure the winding deformation of a transformer. It mainly detects the amplitude frequency response characteristics of each winding of the transformer, and compares the detection results vertically or horizontally. Based on the degree of change in amplitude frequency response characteristics, it determines the possible winding deformation of the transformer.


  1. Using the advanced technical of DDS;
  2. Using the high speed and advanced microprocessor to design;
  3. Using double channels of AD chip of 16 bits;
  4. With seven inch LCD touch screen of which the brightness can be adjusted;
  5. With thermal printer of which the print thick can be adjusted;
  6. It could store one hundred and twenty groups of data, which could be read to current screen or upload to the PC;
  7. With PC software using which we could upload data ,test, analyze data, print data, or create word document;
  8. Using USB2.0 to connect to the device.


1. Two different sweep modes: Linear sweep,Section sweep
- Linear sweep:
0.5KHZ-1MHZ interval 0.5KHZ 2000 dots
- Section sweep:
50HZ-100HZ interval 2HZ 25 dots
100HZ-1KHZ interval 20HZ 45 dots
1KHZ -10KHZ interval 50HZ 180 dots
10KHZ-100KHZ interval 0.2KHZ 450 dots 
100KHZ – 500KHZ interval 0.5KHZ 800 dots
500KHZ – 1000KHZ interval 1KHZ 500 dots
2. Test range: (-100dB) - (+20dB)
3. Test accuracy: 0.1dB
4. Frequency accuracy: <0.01%
5. Signal input impedance: >1M Ω
6. Signal output impedance: 50 Ω
7. Tester dimension: 31cm X 15cm X 15cm
8. Weight: 4.0KG