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HM5002S Transformer DC Winding Resistance Tester

DC resistance tester ,
DC winding resistance meter.
DC winding resistance test set

Product Description


Dc resistance measurement of winding is one of the routine tests for transformers. The main purpose is to check whether the connection between winding and lead wire is good or not, and whether the resistance between each phase winding is balanced, etc., in order to ensure the safe operation of transformers.


This transformer DC resistance tester USES 32-bit ARM as the core of the processing control , with automatic completion of self-calibration, steady flow judgment, data processing, resistance value display and other functions, can measure the dc resistance of various types of transformers and CT/P. The instrument can work directly with internal batteries, which greatly facilitates the use of field workers.


1.Output current:0-10A, range: 1mW-20KW。
Current Range Current Range
10A 1mW-600mW 0.5A 2W-12W
5A 10mW-1.2W 0.2A 5W-30W
2A 20mW-3W 20mA 25W-300W
Remark: Please choose automatic test function if beyond above range.
  1. Accuracy:  0.2%   max. resolution: 0.1mW。
  2. With large LCD screen display and English menu, easy to operate .
  3. With large storage capacity , can store 2000 testing records .
  4. Power supply: built-in battery
  5. Working temperature:﹣10℃~50℃  
  6. Working environment:Humidity <90%RH                
  7. Weight:2㎏