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HM5002-10A Transformer Winding DC Resistance Tester

DC Resistance Tester,
Transformer DC Resistance Tester,

Product Description


The transformer DC resistance tester is a new type of instrument designed to measure the DC resistance of large-capacity transformers. It is a high-precision stable current power supply and testing part designed as a whole. The testing process is controlled by a microcomputer and automatically completes stable current judgment, data collection, data processing, resistance display and printing.


  1. Using high precision electronic measuring technology and high-performance single chip microcomputer, makes the instrument has high measurement precision and numerical stability,good repeatability.
  2. Instrument can choose appropriate according to the load current,the current gear, the biggest can output 10A current.
  3. With printing,storage,real-time view the data,and other functions.
  4. Big screen display,menu operation,friendly interface,be clear at a glance,convenient operation.
  5. Micro printer for thermal printer,speed,the surface can be installed directly printing paper.
  6. With audible alarm automatic discharge and discharge instructions,and other functions.


1. Output Current :1mA,10mA,1A,5A,10A
2. Test range:
- 1mA 100Ω~20kΩ
- 10mA 10Ω~2kΩ
- 1A: 1Ω~20Ω
- 5A: 1Ω~4Ω
- 10A 100μΩ~2Ω
3. Testing precision: ±(0.2%full-scale± 2 digital)
4. Display mode:128×64dot-matris
5. Highest Resolution ratio:0.1μΩ
6. Power supply: AC 220V±22V,60Hz±2 Hz
7. Maximum power dissipation: 220W