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HM5008 Transformer On-Load Tap Changer Tester

On Load Tap Changer Tester

Product Description


Transformer on-load switch tester is a comprehensive measuring instrument used to measure and analyze the electrical performance indicators of power transformers and special transformer on-load tap changers in power systems. It uses computer control and a specially designed measurement circuit to measure the transition time, transition waveform, transition resistance, three-phase synchronization, and other parameters of the on-load tap changer. A new testing principle, utilizing microcomputer technology, enables the production site to test the performance of various on load tap changers of power transformers without the need for disassembly and lifting of switches, displaying and printing excessive waveforms and parameters. According to the needs and on-site conditions, measurements can be directly made by the tap changer leads, or by directly connecting the three-phase bushing and neutral point of the transformer.


  1. Vertical chassis structure, lightweight and convenient to carry.
  2. Built-in precision constant current source, with a complete and reliable protection circuit.
  3. It can be tested with or without windings.
  4. Built-in embedded PC-104 industrial computer, fast speed, and large storage capacity.
  5. 6-channel high-speed synchronous data sampling.
  6. Built in panel thermal printer.
  7. 5.7 inch wide temperature LCD with backlight, clear display in sunlight.
  8. The host has a storage capacity of 1G and can store tens of thousands of sets of test data.
  9. Equipped with external USB storage function to store more data.


  1. Output current: ≥ 1A, 3 channels.
  2. Data sampling channel: 6 channels
  3. Sampling frequency: 10KHz/s
  4. Measurement range transition resistance: 0.5 Ω~20 Ω
  5. Transition time: ≤ 250ms
  6. Resolution resistance: 0.01 Ω
  7. Time: 0.1ms
  8. Measurement accuracy transition resistance: ± (5%+3 words)
  9. Transition time: ± (0.1%+1 words)
  10. Storage method: USB flash drive storage, 1G local storage
  11. External dimension: 350mm × 230mm × 200mm
  12. Host weight: 5kg