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HM5006 Transformer Tan Delta Test Set

Anti-interference Dielectric Loss Tester,
Fully Automatic Dielectric Loss Tester,
Heterodyne dielectric Loss Tester

Product Description


HM5006 Transformer Dielectric Loss Tester is a high-precision instrument, which can be applied to automatically measure electrical loss tangent  and capacitance of all kinds of high voltage electrical equipments on the spot of power plants, substations, laboratory, etc. It is widely used in electrical manufacturing, electrical equipment installation, handover, and preventive testing. The measurement of dielectric losses of transformers, transformers, reactors, capacitors, bushings, lightning arresters, etc. is the most basic method to measure their insulation performance.


  1. Large LCD display
  2. Mass storage data
  3. Multiple test modes
  4. CVT test step in place do not dismantle the high-voltage lead measurement CVT
  5. CVT reverse shield method for measuring C0
  6. High speed sampling signal
  7. Multi protection security


  1. Use conditions: -15℃~40℃, RH<80%
  2. Anti-interference: Frequency conversion
  3. Power: AC 220V±10%, Allowable generator
  4. CVT range: 10~10000
  5. Accuracy: 0.1%
  6. Resolving power: 0.01
  7. Memory size: 200 group supports U disk data storage
  8. Exterior dimension: 350(L)×270(W)×270(H)
  9. Weight: 28 Kg