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HM6070 Vacuum Circuit Breaker Analyzer

High Voltage Switch Mechanical Characteristic Tester,
High Voltage Switch Tester,

Product Description


The HM6070 vacuum switch vacuum tester adopts a new type of excitation coil and uses magnetic controlled discharge method to test the vacuum degree of the arc extinguishing chamber, without the need to disassemble the arc extinguishing chamber. At the same time, a microcomputer is used for synchronous control and data acquisition processing, resulting in a sensitivity of 10-5Pa for on-site testing of the vacuum degree of the arc extinguishing chamber.


  1. The characteristic of this instrument is that it adopts a new excitation coil and data processing method, achieving non disassembly measurement of vacuum degree.
  2. This instrument is convenient to use, easy to operate, does not disassemble for measurement, and has high testing accuracy. It is a practical testing instrument widely used in departments such as power, steel, petrochemical, textile, coal, railway, etc. that use vacuum switches.


1. Test object: All kind of Vacuum Switches.
2. Test Method:Non-disassembly measurement.
3. Use Range: Multi-purpose, suitable for testing multi-style vacuum switches.
4. Test Range: 10-5—10-1 Pa 
5. Test Accuracy:   10-5—10-4 Pa, 15% 
10-4—10-3 Pa ,15%
10-3—10-2 Pa, 10%
10-2—10-1 Pa ,10%
6. Field Voltage:  1700V
7. Pulse Field High Voltage: 30KV
8. Switch space required: Normal space.
9. Working Enviroment: -20℃~40℃
10. Host weight: 12kg
11. Size: 420×320×280(mm)
12. Sampler: Magnetic control coil