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HM6080 High Voltage Switch Dynamic Characteristic Tester

Circuit Breaker Characteristic Tester,
Circuit Breaker Dynamic Characteristic Tester,
Circuit Breaker Analyzer

Product Description


The Circuit breaker analyzer is a universal computer intelligent testing instrument developed for various high-voltage switches. The switch characteristic tester applies optoelectronic pulse technology, single-chip computer technology, and reliable electromagnetic radiation resistance technology, coupled with precise and reliable speed/distance sensors, and can be used for the debugging and measurement of mechanical parameters of high-voltage switches of various voltage levels such as vacuum, sulfur hexafluoride, low oil, and high oil.


  1. With universal speed sensor,linear travel sensor and rotation sensor,it is very convenient and simple to install it.
  2. The main frame has a liquid crystal large screen,of directly transmissive type,with background light, and the contrast is adjusted electronically.Menus in English gives prompt for operation. If you carry out on-off action once,then it will display all the data and oscillogram.
  3. The main frame can store several sets of switch off and switch on test results, and there is a real-time clock in the device  so that it is convenient to file and record the date and specific time of test.
  4. Built-in micro-printer of fast speed can print out all the data and illustrations.
  5. The instrument is equipped with the software named Windows DB-8001/8001(II) Circuit Breaker Data Analysis Management Software(Chinese Version)connected with a PC, and test results can be either saved in the hard disk directly or sent to all kinds of printers so that test reports can be printed out.This makes field tests computerize.
  6. The instrument is provided with strong data analysis function,which is able to effectively analyze each index and parameter of mechanical characteristics of circuit breakers.
  7. The instrument is equipped with user-defined additional program of speed so that users can free add all kinds of instantaneous opening speed and instantaneous closing speed as necessary.


1. Operating environment
    Input power supply: 220V±10% 50Hz±10%
    Atmospheric pressure: 86~106kPa
    Temperature: -10~40℃                
    Humidity: ≤80%RH
2. Safety performance
    Dielectric strength: Power on power frequency 1.5KV pressure for 1 minutes.,without any arc over.
3. Basic parameters
  - Time: Measurement range: 4000.0ms   
  - Resolution: 0.1ms
  - Error:
 1) Within 100ms    0.1ms±1 words
 2) Above 100ms    0.1%±1 words
 3) Synchronization   ±0.1ms
   - Speed: Measurement range: 20.00m/s, Resolution: 0.01m/s
   - Error:
   1)Within 0-2m/s    ±0.1m/s±1 words
   2)Above 2m/s        ±0.2m/s±1 words
   - Current: Measurement range: 20.00A    Resolution: 0.01A
   - Output power supply: DC30~250V digital,
   - Adjustable/20A (instantaneous working)
   - Dimension: 360mm (L) ×280mm (W) ×300mm (H)
   - Weight: 10kg