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HM6080 Multi-functional High Voltage Circuit Breaker Analyzer

circuit breaker tester,
circuit breaker Analyzer
circuit breaker test set

Product Description


It is suitable for mechanical characteristic testing for all types of SF6 switch, GIS switchgear, vacuum switch and oil switch with metal contact manufactured at home and abroad.


  1. This instrument is an embedded industrial computer,the motherboard is based on CortexTM-A8,the main frequency is 1GHZ,the flash memory is 1GB,and the boot speed is fast in only 16 seconds.9-inch color large screen,Windows operating system,user-friendly operation interface intuitive,touch screen,support English input,easy to use by on-site operators.
  2. High-speed thermal printer,convenient for on-site printing of test data
  3. The integrated operating power supply in the machine does not require on-site secondary power supply,which is convenient and quick to use.It can provide DC6~270V adjustable power supply,current 20A.Arbitrarily set the action voltage value of the division and closing coil,and can do the low-voltage action test of the circuit breaker
  4. Equipped with linear sensor,rotary sensor,universal sensor,laser sensor(optional),bracket,special fixed multi-function connector,installation is extremely convenient and simple.
  5. It is suitable for all models of SF6 switches,GIS combination appliances,vacuum switches,and oil switches produced at home and abroad.
  6. Switch action once,get all data and graphics,test data and graphics are displayed on the same screen,and the speed can be recalculated without further testing.It can display various curves of switching circuit breakers,closing stroke curves,opening stroke curves,combined-split stroke curves,split-combined-split stroke curves,coil current curves,motor energy storage curves,time curves,and can perform numerical and curve graphical analysis.
  7. The host can store 30,000 sets of live test data(expandable memory card),and the real-time clock in the machine is convenient for archiving.
  8. Equipped with 2 USB interfaces,you can connect the mouse to operate the instrument,and you can directly save the data to the U disk and upload it to the computer for analysis and saving.RS232 interface online operation(optional),WIFI operation optional.
  9. At the same time,it can measure 12 metal contact breaks,6 main breaks and 6 auxiliary breaks,3/6 closing resistance,3/6 graphite contact test,3/6 double-ended grounding(3 and 6 options),1 dynamic resistance,1 speed(3 speed options)measurement.Measure the stroke,overtravel,bounce,overshoot of the circuit breaker.
  10. The envelope is included,and the standard envelope is generated through the built-in circuit breaker standard data,analyzed and compared,and the switching vibration frequency can also be analyzed.
  11. The internal anti-interference circuit can meet the reliable use in the 500KV substation.
  12. The double-ended grounding function adopts high-frequency measuring tongs,adopts unique frequency conversion technology for measurement,its frequency is as high as 10KHZ or more,the frequency of each phase is different,the current reaches 1A,and the circuit breaker closing and opening time,bounce time and number of times are accurately measured.
  13. The loop and dynamic resistance use 200A high-current and high-precision displacement sensors to measure the static resistance and dynamic resistance of the circuit breaker and analyze the condition of the arc contact.


1.Time measurement:
---12-way inherent opening(closing)time
--The opening(closing)phase is in different phases
--The difference between different periods of opening(closing)(1~99ms)
--Closing(opening)bounce time(number of bounces)
--Test range in different phases:1ms~99ms,resolution:0.01ms;
--Internal trigger test range:1ms~999ms,resolution:0.01ms,1000ms~9999ms,resolution:0.1ms,10000ms~200000ms resolution:1ms.
--External trigger test range:0.01ms~200s;Accuracy within 1000ms:0.05%±0.1ms
2.Closing resistance measurement:
--3(6)The inherent opening(closing)time of the road
--The opening(closing)phase is in different phases
--Opening(closing)is in different phases
--Closing resistance investment time,resistance value
3.Measurement range:30~10000Ω,resolution 0.1Ω,accuracy:≤1%±2 words
4.Graphite contact measurement:
--3/6 way inherent opening(closing)time(optional)
--The opening(closing)phase is in different phases
--Opening(closing)is in different phases
--Measuring current:10A
5.Double-ended grounded switch measurement
--3(6)The inherent opening(closing)time of the road
--The opening(closing)phase is in different phases
--Closing(opening)bounce time and waveform
6.Dynamic resistance measurement:1 way,current 200A,measurement range:0-50mΩ,accuracy:≤0.5%±0.5uΩ.
7.Speed measurement:
--Rigid speed
--Average speed for a specified time period(travel segment or angle segment).
8.Speed measurement range:
--0.1mm sensor,0.01~20.00m/s,
--345°angle sensor 0.01~20.00m/s,
--Laser sensor 0.01~15.00m/s.
9.Stroke measurement:
--Moving contact travel(stroke)(3-way stroke measurement option)
--Contact stroke(open distance)
--Overshoot stroke or bounce stroke
10.Measuring range:
--Linear sensor:50mm,measuring range:0-50mm,resolution:0.1mm.
--Rotary sensor:345о,measuring range:0-1000mm,resolution:0.08о。This sensor has an invalid area of 15 degrees,and the effective area of the sensor can be seen in the instrument when installed,and the value is displayed at about 160-200 degrees.
11.Accelerometer measuring range:0-300mm,resolution:0.1mm.(Optional)
12.Coil current measurement range:maximum current 30A,resolution:0.01A.
13.Coil resistance measurement range:0~2000Ω,resolution:0.01Ω.
14.Instrument power supply:AC 220V±10%;50Hz±2%
15.DC power supply:DC6~270V continuously adjustable,DC24V≤15A(short-term),DC220V≤20A(short-term).
16.External trigger voltage:AC/DC10-300V,current≤120A
17.Disconnector measuring range:
⑴Voltage output:DC6~270V(adjustable);
⑵Power output time:0.01-20 seconds(can be set);
⑶The maximum acquisition time of the break signal is 200 seconds;
⑷It can measure the fracture closing,opening time,three-phase different periods,bounce time and times
18.Main machine volume:380×280×170mm
19.Operating environment:-30°C~+50°C
20.Relative humidity:≤90%