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HV Gas Type Hipot Dielectric Testing Transformer

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Hipot Insulation Tester
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Product Description


SF6 Test Transformer are widely used for testing AC/DC withstand voltage such as electrical equipment, electrical components, insulation materials. This series of test transformer has the advantages of small size, light weight, compact structure, strong universality etc.


  1. Sf6 gas test transformer is in excellent insulation performance, arc extinguishing performance and non-combustibility.
  2. Compared with the traditional oil-immersed light test transformer, this series of products can reduce the weight by 20%-60% (depending on the voltage and capacity level) and have no oil pollution.
  3. Between the bushing and the gas tank is completely isolated, and all connection parts adopted imported “O” type sealing ring seal, so we completely solve the common problems of transformer leakage.
  4. Sleeping core type design, effectively improve seismic resistance.
  5. All products  passed through 1.1 times induction withstand voltage testing.
  6. Pure SF6 insulating medium.
  7. HV & LV cables are made by high strength polyester, oxygen free copper enameled wires.
  8. The core was adopted with new WISCO,two silicon cold rolled silicon steel strip