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Power frequency Partial discharge test system High Voltage Test set HV test kit Discharge free detec

Partial discharge test kit
Partial discharge test set
Partial discharge test system

Product Description


SF6-insulated discharge free test transformer system is mainly used for power frequency voltage insulation test of insulation materials, power products ect. If s also used as power supply for non partial discharge power frequency withstand test, current transformer, lightning arrester etc..


  1. With compact size and light weight( 40%-65% lighterthan same oil immersed test transformer in same level).
  2. Clean, no oil stain, no need maintainance .
  3. Not impacted by the harsh climate and environment, no need static to do test after movement.
  4. Insulation strength of gas-filled test transformer is obviously higher than the oil immersed test transformer, with minimal corona.
  5. PD level can be controlled within 5pC at rated output .


Main configuration including :
1. Power Noisy Filter
2. Console
3. Isolation Transformer
4. PD free SF6-insulated Test Transformer
5. Current Limit Resistor
6. Capacitive Voltage Divider
The capacity can be customized from 5kVA to 600kVA
The test voltage can be customized from 50kV 600kV