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HMYDQW(JZ)20kVA/200kV AC/DC Hipot Tester

Power frequency withstand voltage test device
AC withstand voltage test device
withstand voltage tester

Product Description


The AC/DC withstand voltage test device is a testing equipment designed according to the latest industry testing standards. It is safe, reliable, powerful, convenient to use, and easy to maintain. It is mainly used for conducting insulation strength tests on various electrical products, electrical components, insulation materials, etc. under specified voltage to assess the insulation level of the product, discover insulation defects of the tested object, and measure the ability of overvoltage. It is a relevant department of power operation The preferred product for electrical and electrical manufacturing enterprises, metallurgical, coal mining, electrified railway related departments, research institutions, and higher education institutions that require voltage withstand testing equipment.


  1. High precision;
  2. Safe and reliable;
  3. Convenient reading;
  4. Convenient to carry.


  1. Environment temperature:-20℃ to +40℃. 
  2. Relative humidity:<85% at 25℃. 
  3. The installation site shall be free from gas, steam, chemical dust, dirt and other explosive media which seriously affect the insulation of the transformer. 
  4. When the test transformer is in use, its input voltage should be gradually increased and enough protection resistance should be installed at the output end. It is strictly prohibited to break the equipment under high voltage. 
  5. Transformer Running time: 1 min