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HMJBC-702 Three Phase Relay Protection Tester

Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester,
Relay Protection Tester,
Three-phase Relay Protection Calibrator

Product Description


It is operated by the convenient and flexible rotation mouse through the large LCD screen and all English display. It can complete the most testing work, including all sorts of relay and miccomputer protection test, and can simulate all kinds of complicated instantaneity, permanent, transform failure for the test.


  1. High-Performance Industrial Control Computer;
  2. Digital Signal Processor Microcomputer;
  3. D/A Conversion and Low-Pass Filtering;
  4. Voltage and Current Amplifier;
  5. Digital Input and output;
  6. Auxiliary DC Power Supply Output for Special Use.


AC current output
Phase current output (effective value): 0~40A
Output Precision: 0.2 degree
3 phase parallel current output (effective value): 0~120A
A Long-time Phase current: 10A
Maximum output power of Phase current: 450VA
Maximum output power of 3 parallel current: 900VA
Maximum Permitted work time of 3 parallel current: 10S
Frequency range ( fundamental): 20~1000Hz
Harmonic time: 2~20
DC current output
Current output: 0~±10A / phase,  0~±30A / 3 parallel
Output Precision: 0.5 degree
AC voltage output
Phase voltage output (effective value): 0~120V  
Output Precision: 0.2 degree
Line voltage output (effective value): 0~240V
Phase voltage / Line phase output power: 80VA / 100VA
Frequency range (fundamental): 20~1000Hz
Harmonic time: 1~20
DC voltage output
Phase voltage output range: 0~±160V    
Output Precision: 0.5 degree
Line voltage output range: 0~±320V
Phase voltage / Line phase output power: 70VA / 140VA