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HMJBC-701 Single Phase Relay Protection Tester

Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester,
Relay Protection Tester,
Three-phase Relay Protection Calibrator

Product Description


HMJBC-701Single Phase Relay Protection tester is applied to test protection replay based on voltage and current operation. The main function of the tester include calibration of voltage and current operation relays, secondary circuit inspection, trip value of circuit breaker test, switch on and off time measurement of circuit breaker and so on. It’s a low cost, simple operation and reliable performance device for secondary circuit test.


  1. Small size, light weight, fully functional, and convenient to carry.
  2. The performance is superior to similar products both domestically and internationally, with a leading level.


  1. DC voltage output: 0—350(V)continuity , maximum capacity output: 960VA
  2. AC voltage output: 0—350(V)continuity , maximum capacity output: 400VA
  3. The voltage and current characteristic test for relay coil Maximum voltage output is 240V and maximum  current output is 5A. The duration time at maximum current is not more than 3 minutes.
  4. DC current output: 0-10A continuity, maximum capacity output: 80VA
  5. AC current output: 0-10A (at maximum voltage 40V); 0-100A((at maximum voltage 14V);capacity: 1000VA; Continuity Output time: ≤35S
  6. AC voltage circuit short connection simulation: voltage output setting≤ 120V; Range: 15~80%.
  7. DC constant voltage alternating output(can be used as operating power of static relay): Output Voltage: 24V,48V,110V,220V; Output current: 0.4A