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HMZH-5 SF6 Analyzer

SF6 Gas Purity Analyzer,
Gas Leak Detection Device,
Portable SF6 Gas Leak Detector,

Product Description


SF6 comprehensive analyzer is specially used for index detection of insulating gas in SF6 electrical equipment, and adopts the high-performance sensor for measurement of dew point, purity and decomposition product to guarantee the accurate and stable test results. Equipped with the unique gas circuit structure, it adopts the high-precision electronic flowmeter for full-automatic detection so that the SF6 can be more accurate in gas analysis. Three indexes can be detected via one-time measurement, which greatly reduces the workload of users and improves the work efficiency


  1. Dual-channel flow control design without fear of pressure fluctuation
  2. Utilizationþf high-precision electronic flowmeter,with flow overruns prompt
  3. Switch of trends of measuring objects,and real-time display of data
  4. Self-calibration function of zero and slope after startup
  5. Crossing-resistance interference technology of sensor
  6. Cleaning of residual gas in air circuit
  7. Lithium battery with ultra-large capacity,and dual purpose of AC/DC
  8. Large-capacity data storage,and USDB one-key data export
  9. Thermosensitive mute printer for rapid printing on the scene


SF6 gas decomposition product detection module
Measurement scope [SO2]0~100 µl/l, [H2S]0~100 µl/l, [CO]0~1000 µl/l
Precision SO2, H2S: ±0.5µl/l if measurement value ≤10 µl/l; ±5% if measurement value >10 µl/l
CO: ±2.0 if measurement value ≤50 µl/l ±4% if measurement value >50 µl/l
Repeatability SO2, H2S: ±0.2 µl/l if measurement value ≤10 µl/l; ±2% if measurement value >10 µl/l
CO: ±1.5 µl/l if measurement value ≤50 µl/l; ±3% if measurement value >50 µl/l
Resolution SO2, H2S, CO: 0.1 µl/l
Response time ≤30s
SF6 purity detection module 
Measurement scope 0~100%
Precision ≤±0.5% (90~100%:≤±0.2%)
Repeatability ≤±0.2%
Resolution 0.01%
Response time ≤30S
SF6 humidity detection module
Dew point range ―80℃~+20℃
Measurement accuracy ±0.5℃
Micro-water scope 0.05~23100 μL/L
Measurement response time (+20℃) -60℃ →20℃  5S[10s]
20 ℃→-60℃  10S[300S]
Resolution Dew point: 0.1℃
Micro-water: 0.1ppm (100ppm~1000ppm) 0.01ppm(10ppm~100ppm)
Repetition: ±0.2℃
Flow regulation 1: 0.2L/min; Flow regulation: 2:0.5-0.6L/min
Parameters of whole machine
Charging source 220VAC±10% 50HZ
Battery Lithium battery 12V 17.5AH
Service time >10h
Display screen 7-inch color touch screen
Sample gas pressure ≤1.0Mpa
Size 467×372×177mm
Weight About 8.5kg