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HM3020X Portable SF6 Gas Leak Detector

SF6 Leak Detector,
SF6 Quantitative Leak Detector,
High-precision SF6 Gas Leak Detector

Product Description


HM3020X gas detection leak detector is the essence of more than 30 years of leak detector production experience. Recently, a new generation of fully automatic intelligent leak detector launched by a powerful company is the most stable and sensitive leak detector. We have fully considered the actual needs of the majority of users and applied our rich technology and experience to this product, allowing users to enjoy excellent performance price ratio.


Portable SF6 Gas Leak Detector is used to detect gas leakage in SF6 high-voltage equipment such as GIS, inflatable test transformers, high-voltage switchgear, etc,
  1. Microprocessor control, with advanced digital signal processing
  2. Tricolor visual display
  3. Seven (7) levels of sensitivity provide an increase of up to 64x
  4. Tactile keypad controls
  5. Real time sensitivity adjustment
  6. Battery test function
  7. Battery voltage indication
  8. Certified to SAE J1627 for R134a,R12, R22
  9. Detects all halogenated refrigerants
  10. True mechanical pumping provides positive airflow through sensing tip
  11. Mute feature included
  12. Cordless and portable,operates on 2 "C"-cell batteries
  13. Carrying case included
  14. (35.5cm) flexible, stainless probe
  15. Optional reference leak source
  16. One-year warranty


  1. Power supply: 3V DC; 2 “C” cell alkaline batteries
  2. Maximum sensitivity: per SAE J1627 rating criteria; certified for R12,R22 and R134a @0.5oz/yr (14gr/yr).
  3. Ultimate sensitivity: less than 0.1oz/yr (3gr/yr) for all halogen based refrigerants.
  4. Sensing tip life: approx.20 hours.
  5. Operating temperature: 30° to 125°F (0° to 52°C).
  6. Battery life: approximately 30 hours normal use.
  7. Duty cycle: continuous, no limitation.
  8. Response time: Instantaneous.
  9. Reset time: one second.
  10. Warm up time: approx.2 seconds.
  11. Unit weight: 1.2 lbs(560 grams).
  12. Fixed probe length: 14” (35.5cm)