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HM2306-10kV Insulation Resistance Tester

Digital Megohmmeter,
Pointer Megohmmeter,
Insulation Characteristic Tester

Product Description


The insulation resistance tester is designed and developed to evaluate the electrical insulation quality of large high-voltage transformers, motors, generators, long-distance power cables, and tubular busbars under strong interference in high-voltage substations and power plants. The instrument has high output power, real-time voltage measurement (actual live voltage of the test object), leakage current measurement Automatic discharge (discharge voltage measurement) is particularly suitable for testing large capacity specimens and testing sites with strong interference above 110kV.


  1. The anti-interference ability is AC2000V, and the induced current is 50mA,which can withstand extremely harsh testing environments.
  2. 5.7 inch large screen display, actual test voltage display, leakage current display.
  3. Capacitance measurement function.
  4. This instrument has an automatic calibration function, which automatically calibrates the accuracy before testing.
  5. Automatic discharge: Advanced high-voltage discharge technology is used to quickly discharge capacitive samples.During discharge, the discharge voltage is measured in real-time (the test voltage of the sample reaches 0v).For large capacitive samples, manual discharge is required to ensure personnel safety due to the absorption of charges by the medium.
  6. Internal rechargeable lithium battery power supply or AC power supply, truly dual use of AC and DC does not affect testing accuracy.
  7. Alarm function when boosting, the buzzer has a warning function when the device has high voltage output, indicating that there is high voltage output at this time.
  8. Digital display of battery level and undervoltage alarm protection function.
  9. Intelligent battery charging management can effectively prevent battery overcharging from shortening or damaging battery life.
  10. Automatic shutdown function: This instrument has an automatic shutdown function, which automatically shuts down 5 minutes after the measurement is completed.
  11. Short circuit protection, which will not burn out the instrument in short circuit state.


  1. Anti interference capability: 50 mA (induced voltage 2000V) AC 50Hz
  2. Insulation resistance: 50M (10kV) (measured between the line and the shell)
  3. Withstand voltage: AC 3kV 50Hz 1min (between measuring line and shell)
  4. 5.7 inch screen resolution 320 * 240
  5. Working temperature and humidity: -10 ℃~+50 ℃ 85% RH
  6. Storage temperature and humidity: -15 ℃~+55 ℃ 90% RH
  7. Power supply: Lithium battery (battery 1:17.5V 2.8Ah battery 2:8.5V 2.8Ah)
  8. Charging: AC 220V (1 ± 10%)
  9. Working hours: Can work continuously for about 8 hours.
  10. Boundary dimension: 385mm (L) 298mm (W) 196mm (D)
  11. Weight: ≈ 5kg