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HM2305-5kV Insulation Resistance Tester-5KV

Insulation Resistance Tester,
Insulation Resistance Meter,
HV Insulation Tester

Product Description


The insulation resistance tester is designed and developed to evaluate the electrical insulation quality of large high-voltage transformers, motors, generators, long-distance power cables, and tubular busbars under strong interference in high-voltage substations and power plants. The instrument has high output power, real-time voltage measurement (actual live voltage of the test object), leakage current measurement Automatic discharge (discharge voltage measurement) is particularly suitable for testing large capacity specimens and testing sites with strong interference above 110kV.


  1. Automatic calibration function of the instrument, automatic calibration accuracy before test.
  2. Device self-check function, can automatically detect whether the measurement circuit is normal.
  3. This instrument has the actual test live voltage measurement function, leakage current measurement function, automatic discharge function, through the actual test live voltage measurement function can intuitively see whether the drop voltage of the test instrument with load meets the national requirements.
  4. It can automatically measure and remember R15S, R60S and R10min, and automatically display the test value and test time of polarization index (PI), induced absorption ratio (DAR).
  5. Superior anti-interference performance, when the interference current reaches 2mA, the instrument still guarantees the test accuracy and strong anti-interference ability, especially used for 110KV and above large-capacity transformer and long-distance power cable power system.
  6. Automatic discharge: for large capacity test products, after automatic discharge, manual discharge is required.


  1. Withstand Voltage: AC 3kv 50Hz 1min
  2. Anti-Interference Capability: 50 Ma(Induced Voltage 2000V)AC 50Hz
  3. Charging: AC 220V (1±10%)
  4. Power Supply: Lithium Battery
  5. Capacitance Cx: 0.01-10UF
  6. Output Voltage Display Error: ±(3%Rdg + 1d)
  7. Dar.Pi Measuring Range: Measuring Range: 0.01~9999.99
  8. Output Voltage: 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V
  9. Short Circuit Current: ≥10mA
  10.  Measure The Voltage (Kv): Nominal Voltage *(1±10%)
  11.  Standard: IEC61010-1:2001
  12.  Certificate: CE, SGS