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Gas Chromatograph

DGA tester,
dissolved gas analysis tester;
dissolved gas analyzer

Product Description


Gas chromatography is a separation and analysis technology of multicomponent mixture. It mainly uses the differences of boiling point, polarity and adsorption coefficient of each component in the sample in the chromatographic column, so that each component can be separated in the chromatographic column, and qualitative and quantitative analysis of the separated components.


★ adopted the state-of-the-art 10/100M adaptive Ethernet communication interface, and built-in IP protocol stack, so that the instrument can easily through the internal local area network, the Internet to achieve long-distance data transmission;It is convenient to set up the laboratory, simplify the configuration of the laboratory and manage the analysis data;
★ Instrument Internal Design 3 independent connection process, can be connected to the local processing (laboratory site), unit supervisor (e.g. quality inspection section chief, production director, etc.), as well as superior supervisor (e.g. environmental protection bureau, technical supervision bureau, etc.), can easily make the unit supervisor and supervisor real-time monitoring of the operation of the instrument and analysis of data results;
★ the instrument is equipped with a network version of the workstation can support multiple chromatograph work (253),253 data processing and counter-control, simplified document management, and the maximum degree of reduction of the user's laboratory investment and operating costs;
★ instruments can be connected to the manufacturer through the Internet connection, remote diagnostics, remote program updates, etc. (User license );
★ the instrument can be equipped with a 5.7-inch color LCD screen or color touch screen to meet the needs of different users;
★The system has two sets of operating systems, Chinese and English, which can be switched freely;
★ temperature control area, electronic flow controller(EFC),electronic pressure controller(EPC)can be freely named by the user, convenient for user use (optional);
★instruments operate in parallel with a multiprocessor to make the instrument more reliable, to meet complex sample analysis, and to choose from a variety of high-performance detector options such as FID、TCD、ECD、FPD and NPD,with up to fourdetectors installed simultaneously. Can also use the detector appendage method, afterthe purchase of the instrument is very convenient to choose and install other detectors,
★instrument using a modular structure design, design clear, easy to replace and upgrade, to protect the effectiveness of investment;
★ the new microcomputer temperature control system, high temperature control accuracy, reliability and anti-jamming performance, with six completely independent temperature control system, can achieve sixteen-order program heating, so that the equipment can be competent for a wider range of sample analysis, ; with column box automatic rear door system, so that low temperature control accuracy is improved, rise / cooling faster;
★ the instrument with advanced electronic flow controller (EFC)and electronic pressure controller(EPC)to achieve digital control, can greatly improve the reproducibility of qualitative and quantitative results;
★ instrument design timing self-start procedure, can easily complete the on-line analysis of gas samples (Required with online automatic sample components);
★ the operating system of the full microcomputer control keyboard, simple and convenient to operate, and design the detector automatic identification technology, with fault diagnosis and power loss data protection functions, can automatically remember the set parameters;
★ the color spectrum machine has built-in low noise, high-resolution 24-bit AD circuit, and has the ability to store baselines and baseline deductions.
★It is suitable for WinXP, WIN2000, windows7 and other operating systems. The sampling data is read in by CDF file conforming to a / a (American Analytical Society) standard, so it can be connected with chromatogram workstation such as Agilent and waters.
★With full independent intellectual property rights, Modbus / TCP standard interface, it can be easily connected with DCS.
★The instrument can be connected with the automatic injector produced by many manufacturers at home and abroad, such as aoc-20i of Shimadzu, HT series high efficiency gas-phase liquid automatic injector of Italy HTA company, etc;


Network anti-control system Internal CAN's way, with interface board design, It can be converted to network port output at will
Signal output bits 24-bit
Communication interface Network interface output(class 6 network cable connections)
Circuit design ARM embedded design for easy wireless control, remote control and mobile app control
Temperature control system Six-way independent temperature control
Temperature control Room temperature - 450 ℃, liquid nitrogen refrigeration: - 80 ℃ - 450 ℃
Column box temperature control accuracy -0.02℃
Program heating up Stage 13, 0.1 ℃ / stage
Show module Large-screen LCD
Display accuracy 0.01 ℃
Lift rate of column and box 0-80 ℃ / min (adjustment increment 0.1 ℃ / min) up to 120 ℃ / min
Temperatu reprogrammed repeatability ≤1%
TCD Detector Sensitivity S value ≥ 10000mv.ml/mg (benzene) )up to 12000 mv.ml/mg (benzene)
Baseline noise ≤ 8uv
Baseline Drift ≤20uv/30min
Detection limit of FID detector ≤3 x 10-12g/s(thanan)
Baseline noise ≤2 x 10-13A
Baseline Drift ≤5 x 10-13A
Detection limit of ECD detector ≤3 x 10-14g/s(r-666)
Baseline noise ≤1 x 10-13A
Baseline Drift ≤5 x 10-13A
Detection limit of FPD detector ≤2 x 10-11 g/s(Sulfur in methyl parathion)
Baseline noise ≤2 x 10-13A
Baseline Drift ≤4 x 10-13A
Extended ≤6 external events can be added
Automation engineering Can be increased: automatic ignition function, automatic sampler connection, four-way flow pressure display function, optional counter-control workstation to achieve counter-control