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HM501 Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

Closed Flash Point Tester,
Fully Automatic Closed Flash Point Tester,
Automatic Closed Flash Point Tester

Product Description


A closed flash point tester is used to measure the closed flash point value of petroleum products when the test sample is used in a closed environment (such as transformer oil). Using touch screen instead of keyboard operation, using advanced technology both domestically and internationally. The LCD large screen displays a human-machine dialogue interface in full English, with full screen touch button prompts for input. It is convenient and fast, open, fuzzy control integrated software, modular structure, and complies with national standards, US, EU, and other standards. Widely used in railway, aviation, power, petroleum industry, and scientific research departments.


  1. With Chinese error operation software prompt modification function;
  2. Equipped with the function of parameter indication such as test date and test time;
  3. Automatic correction of atmospheric pressure on the test and calculation of the correction;
  4. Differential detection, system deviation automatic correction;
  5. Open cover, ignition, detection, printing data automatic completion;
  6. The test arm will automatically lift and land;
  7. Ignition mode: electronic ignition.


1. Temperature measurement:At room temperature~200℃
- repetitive:≤2℃
- reproducibility:≤±4℃
- resolution:0.1℃
- precision:0.5%
2. The environment temperature:10-40℃
- Relative humidity:≤85%
- The power supply voltage:AC220V      50Hz±5%
3. The basic parameters
- rate of temperature increase :It conforms to GB/ t261-83 standard and GB/ t261-2008 standard
- Ignition way:Electronic ignition.
- power:<300W