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What is AC resonant test system

Oct. 09, 2023

AC resonant test system is a type of electrical testing system used to measure the insulation integrity and performance of high voltage equipment, such as power transformers, cables, and reactors. It employs a combination of high voltage AC power supply, variable frequency power source, and a resonant tank circuit to generate high voltage and high current signals at specific frequencies.

The system works by applying a sinusoidal voltage to the test object at a frequency that corresponds to the natural resonant frequency of the tank circuit. This causes the tank circuit to oscillate and generate a high voltage and high current output. By adjusting the frequency and amplitude of the applied voltage, the system can simulate different operating conditions and measure the performance and insulation quality of the test object.
AC resonant test systems are commonly used in research, manufacturing, and maintenance of high voltage equipment. They can detect insulation defects, such as partial discharge, breakdown voltage, and leakage current, which helps ensure the reliability and safety of the tested equipment.