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HM-100P Variable Frequency CTPT Tester

CT PT Analyzer,
Transformer Turns Ratio Tester,
Power Transformer Testing

Product Description


This product is a new generation of current and voltage transformer testing instrument developed by our company after widely listening to user opinions, conducting extensive market research, and conducting in-depth theoretical research. The device adopts high-performance DSP and ARM, advanced manufacturing technology, ensuring stable and reliable product performance, complete functionality, high automation level, high testing efficiency, and being at a leading level. It is a professional testing instrument used for transformers in the power industry.


  1. It has comprehensive functions and can meet the testing requirements of various CT excitation characteristics (i.e.volt ampere characteristics), transformation ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, secondary load, ratio difference, and angle difference. It can also be used for testing the excitation characteristics, transformation ratio, polarity, secondary winding resistance, ratio difference, and angle difference of various PT electromagnetic units.
  2. Automatically provide CT and PT parameters such as inflection point voltage/current, 10% (5%) error curve,accuracy limit factor (ALF), instrument security factor (FS), secondary time constant (Ts), remanence coefficient (Kr),saturated and unsaturated inductance.
  3. The test meets various transformer standards such as GB1208 (IEC60044-1), GB16847(IEC60044-6),GB1207, and automatically selects which standard to test based on the type and level of the transformer. Based on advanced low-frequency testing principles, capable of handling CT testing with inflection points up to  45KV.
  4. The interface is friendly and beautiful, with a fully English graphical interface.
  5. The device can store 2000 sets of test data without losing power. After the experiment is completed, use a USB  flash drive to store it in a PC, use software to analyze the data, and generate a WORD report.
  6. The testing is simple and convenient, with one click to complete CT direct resistance, excitation, transformer ratio, and polarity testing. In addition to load testing, all other CT tests are conducted using the same wiring method.
  7. Easy to carry, device weight<9Kg.


- Output: 0-180Vrms, 12Arms, 36A (peak)
- Voltage measurement: accuracy ± 0.2%
- CT transformation ratio measure:
Range: 1~30000
Accuracy: ± 0.2%
- PT transformation ratio measure:
Range 1-10000
Accuracy ± 0.2%
-Phase measurement
Accuracy: ± 5min
Resolution: 0.5min
- Secondary winding Resistance measurement
Range: 0-300 Ω
Accuracy: 2% ± 2m Ω
- AC load measure
Range: 0-300VA
Accuracy: 2% ± 0.2VA
- Input power voltage: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz
- Working environment temperature: -10℃~50℃
- Humidity: ≤ 90%