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HM5001Z Transformer Turns Ratio (TTR) Testing Equipment

Transformer Ratio Tester,
Ratio Tester,
Ratio Group Ratio Tester

Product Description


According to IEC and relevant national standards, this device can measure variable ratio, group number and phase Angle with high accuracy without knowing any parameters of tested power transformer. It's suitable for various transformer testing, such as Z-type transformer, rectifier transformer, furnace transformer, non-hourly shift transformer, equilibrium transformer, Scott transformer and inverse Scott transformer. It's built-in battery, so can conduct test without extra power. With big LCD screen display, very convenient and easy to read data. It can store 1000 groups test data, and transfer it to computer by USB disk .


True three-phase test : Single phase power input, internal digital compose into three- phase standard sine wave signal source.Three - phase test power supply is generated through high fidelity power amplifier. With strong function, not only for single-phase measurement, but also for three-phase winding test automatically , such as polarity and phase angle test . The variable ratio, phase Angle, error, tapping position and tapping value of AB, BC and CA are measured at one time, and the group number can be automatically identified.


1. Measurement range:0.9~10000
2. Measurement speed: finish three phase testing within 35s
3. Measurement accuracy: voltage on HV side 0.05%
- voltage on LV side 0.1%
- Phase Angle resolution:0.01°
- Phase Angle measurement:0.1°
- Variable ratio resolution:0.0001
- Accuracy of variable ratio measurement
4. Fit to use in field
5. Size:320×240×130
6. Weight :2.6Kg