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HMZGF-60KV/2mA DC High Voltage Tester

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DC High Voltage Tester,
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Product Description


DC hipot test kit adopts High frequency multi-voltage circuit which takes the lead of the first application for the latest modulation technique of PWM high frequency pulse width.Through using such method,it greatly enhance voltage stability.High quality and portable type are achieved in DC HV generator which is also immune to damage from discharge at rated voltage through adoption of super power IGBT device and measures of special shielding,isolation and ground.
This DC hipot tester is widely used in DC high voltage test and DC leakage current test.


  1. DC hipot test set is Smaller in size,lighter in weight,with fine appearance and complete function,more reliable,easy to operate,suitable for outdoor use,an optimal product in new era.
  2. Portable DC high voltage generate adopts the most advanced technology and takes the llead of the first application for the latest modulation technique of PWM high frequency pulse width and pulse string logic array modulation.Frequency is increased up to 100kHz with technology of high frequency,making output HV more stable and ripple ratio smaller.
  3. Maintenance-free design.Main components are devices of advance technology import from US, Germany and Japan etc.which is durable and don’t need to worry about discharge continuous ground direct short-circuit.


  1. Output voltage:60kV, 120kV,200Kv,etc
  2. Output current:2/3/5/10mA,etc
  3. HV polarity:Polarity of negative volt, zero voltage start, continuous adjustable
  4. Work power:AC 220V±10%;50Hz
  5. Accuracy :1%±1character,max resolution 0.1%uA
  6. More specifications can be customized .