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HM2571B Clamp Type Grounding Resistor

Single Jaw Grounding Resistance Tester,
Clamp Type Hrounding Resistance Tester,
Grounding Resistance Meter,

Product Description


HM2571B high-end multi-functional clamp earth resistance meter is with USB communication interface, storage data can be uploaded to the computer, through software analysis, report, printing and so on. At the same time, it could test 40A leakage current, increases real-time clock function to display present time, supports multi-parameter on-screen display function, can display grounding resistance and ground leakage current at the same time, which is more practical, convenient and efficient.


  1. Convenience of operation.
  2. High measurement accuracy.
  3. Strong adaptability to the environment.
  4. Multiple application scenarios.


  1. Power supply: 6VDB (4 of No. 5 alkaline dry batteries)
  2. Working temperature: -10 ℃ -55 ℃
  3. Relative humidity: 10% -90%
  4. Protection level: double insulation
  5. Structural features: jaw method
  6. Range shifting: automatic
  7. External magnetic field: < 40A/m
  8. External electric field: < 1V/m
  9. Single measurement time: 0.5 seconds
  10. Resistance measurement frequency: > 1KHz
  11. Maximum resolution for resistance measurement: 0.001 Ω
  12. Resistance measurement range: 0.01-1000 Ω
  13. Current measurement range: 0-30A (Type B)
  14. Tested current frequency: 50/60Hz
  15. Resistance alarm threshold setting range: 1-199 Ω
  16. Current alarm threshold setting range: 1-499mA (B-type)