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HM-800100D Battery Discharge Cabinet

Battery Comprehensive Tester,
Intelligent Battery Charging/Discharging Tester,
Battery Charging/Discharging Tester

Product Description


HM-800100D Wide-range Voltage Battery Discharge Cabinet (Dual Channel) actually discharges the battery pack through the built-in electronic load, which meet the discharge test of battery packs with multiple voltage levels (10~800V). The tester can monitor the battery voltage, discharge current, discharge time, discharge capacity and other parameters in real time during the discharge process. It is applicable for the activation and discharge of various batteries, the discharge during the initial charge of the battery, and the maintenance and discharge of the battery. It can also check the battery power storage performance and load capacity, etc.. The tester has the advantages of simple operation and safe discharge.


  1. The product uses customized nickel-chromium alloy resistors as the load source. 
  2. Smart chip control.
  3. Discharge test function.
  4. 7-inch large LCD touch screen.
  5. LORA wireless monomer monitoring module (optional).
  6. Automatic discharge current calculation function.
  7. Built-in multiple discharge templates.


  1. Power Input-AC: Single-phase AC 220V, the frequency range is 40-60Hz.
  2. Voltage measurement accuracy: ±0.5%FS+0.1V
  3. Current measurement accuracy: ±1%FS+0.1A
  4. Group voltage display accuracy: 0.1V
  5. Group current display accuracy: 0.1A
  6. Discharge current control accuracy: ±1%FS
  7. Discharge Voltage Range: Dual-channel 10-800Vdc
  8. Withstand-voltage test:
- AC input-chassis: 2200Vdc 1min AC input-chassis
- DC input-output: 2200Vdc 1min DC input-chassis