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HMJS Auto Insulating Rubber Boots ( gloves ) Dielectric Test Set

Protective Tool Insulation Test Bench,
Insulated Shoe And Glove Withstand Voltage Test Device,

Product Description


We designed & produced Auto insulating boots ( gloves ) dielectric test equipment based on charged protective equipment insulation test procedures, and compliance with the majority of users opinions. The product has an effective solution for the past irregular testing method, thereby simplifying the testing procedures, improving the test speed. A more reliable identification of insulating boots ( gloves ) leakage current, insulation aging, power frequency withstand voltage and other parameters. To protect operator safety, so it is the ideal insulation boots ( gloves ) and special equipment.


  1. Its main features can be tested simultaneously 3 pair of insulating boots ( gloves );
  2. It can read leakage current of each glove to judge unqualified insulating boots ( gloves );
  3. Structure bottom assembly casters, so it can freely move.


  1. Input voltage: AC220V±10%  50/60Hz
  2. Output voltage: 0~50KV                  
  3. LV currency: 0~25A
  4. Output capacitance: 0~5kVA
  5. Timig range: 0~999S
  6. Voltage accuracy: ≤2% (F.S)
  7. Currency accuracy: ≤1.5% (F.S)
  8. Leakage current: 0~50mA
  9. Leakage current resolution: 0.1mA
  10. Ambient temperature: -20℃~50℃
  11. Test number: 3 pairs each