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Components of AC Resonance Testing System

Sep. 21, 2023

The components of the series resonant test device include the following parts:

AC Resonant Test System

Power supply:Provides a stable power supply for the device.

Transformer:Used to adjust the size of voltage and current to meet different test requirements.

Capacitor:Used to store electrical energy and regulate current and voltage in resonant state.

Inductor coil:Used to generate a magnetic field and regulate current and voltage in resonant state.

Switch:Used to control the circuit on and off to establish and regulate the resonant state.

Measuring instruments:Includes oscilloscope,multimeter,etc.,used to measure parameters such as current,voltage,and frequency.

Protection devices:Includes overvoltage protection,overcurrent protection,etc.,used to protect the safety of the test device and operators.

Control system:Used to control the working state of the test device,such as adjusting the size of current and voltage.

These are common components of a series resonant test device.Different experimental devices may have some differences,and the specific component configuration needs to be determined according to specific experimental requirements and design specifications.