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A Method of Using AC Resonance Testing System for GIS System Testing

Oct. 14, 2023

  The method of conducting GIS system experiments using a series resonant test device

Discharge Free Induced Voltage Test System

  Gas-insulated switchgear(GIS)systems are widely used in power transmission and distribution networks due to their high reliability,compact design,and low maintenance requirements.To ensure the proper functioning of these systems,it is essential to conduct various tests during the manufacturing and commissioning stages.One of the most critical tests is the resonant frequency test,which helps to determine the characteristic parameters of the GIS system.

  The series resonant test device is a commonly used instrument for conducting resonant frequency tests on GIS systems.This device consists of a high-frequency power supply,a variable frequency oscillator,a coupling transformer,and a resonant circuit.The resonant circuit is designed to match the impedance of the GIS system,and the variable frequency oscillator is used to adjust the frequency of the resonant circuit to the desired value.

  To conduct the resonant frequency test using the series resonant test device,the following steps should be followed:

  Step 1:Preparation

  The GIS system should be disconnected from the power supply and grounded to ensure safety.The series resonant test device should be connected to the GIS system using the coupling transformer.The resonant circuit should be tuned to match the impedance of the GIS system.

  Step 2:Excitation

  The high-frequency power supply should be turned on,and the variable frequency oscillator should be adjusted to the desired frequency.The resonant circuit will then start to resonate,and the GIS system will be excited at the resonant frequency.

  Step 3:Measurement

  During the resonant frequency test,various parameters of the GIS system should be measured,including the resonant frequency,the damping factor,and the voltage distribution.These measurements can be made using specialized instruments,such as a frequency analyzer,a power meter,and a voltage divider.

  Step 4:Analysis

  The measured parameters should be analyzed to determine the characteristic parameters of the GIS system,such as the capacitance,inductance,and resistance.These parameters can be used to evaluate the performance of the GIS system and to identify any potential issues.

  In conclusion,the series resonant test device is an essential tool for conducting resonant frequency tests on GIS systems.By following the above steps,the resonant frequency test can be conducted safely and accurately,providing valuable information about the performance and characteristics of the GIS system.