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Dry-Type AC High Voltage Testing Set

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Product Description


AC withstand voltage test set designed according to the newest standards of the power industry is a kind of intelligent, advanced performance, voltage withstand test set. This set of device is used for the dielectric strength test of a variety of electrical equipment & insulation materials under specified voltage to test products insulation level, search for insulation defects, and measure voltage capability. It is widely applied in electrical manufacture factory, power operation system, research units and advanced institutions.


  1. Large LCD of , with high speed.
  2. Test high voltage ,HV current, low voltage & LV current.
  3. High precision sensor and 14 bit AD acquisition chip with high performance.
  4. The man-machine dialogue is fully operated by keyboard ,intelligence work of the entire process, optional automatic test mode and manual test mode.
  5. Clearly and intuitively display High voltage ,HV current, low voltage , LV current, time & test result of withstand voltage test.
  6. Perfect overvoltage & overcurrent protection; freely set output LV protection current, timing  duration.
  7. Zero-returning check function. After returning to zero, the test will be permitted; safe and reliable.
  8. Approximant voltage-regulating algorithm. Automatically start to test & start timing when reach to the setting voltage value; Automatically drop the voltage to zero upon timing end.
  9. Automatically cut off output voltage, drop voltage to zero and send alarms, when the setting HV current value or the setting LV current values is exceeded.
  10. Excellent hardware & software design, varieties of anti-interference methods, suitable for hash electro magnetics environment Automatically fault diagnosis, easy to find and solve the problem .


The capacity and output voltage can also be customized .