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HM2670 Withstand Voltage Tester

Voltage Withstand Tester,
Insulation Strength Tester,
Electrical Insulation Strength Tester,

Product Description


Withstand voltage tester is an ac high voltage safety measurement instrument, widely used in electronic instruments, electronic equipment, electronic components, electrical equipment, bakelite appliances, rubber, high voltage cable and motor withstand voltage test, also applicable to household appliances withstand voltage test.


  1. Easy to operate and highly automated (just press one button).
  2. Menu management, easy and clear input parameters.
  3. Strong anti-interference ability and high detection accuracy.
  4. Small size, light weight, convenient for onsite operations.


  1. Testing voltage: AC:0.5kV~5kV  ±5%
  2. Leakage current setting value:AC: 0.2~20(mA)   adjustable
  3. Leakage current setting accuracy: ±5%
  4. Output power: 100VA.
  5. Output waveform: 50Hz Sine waveform
  6. Timing: 1~99(s)±5%, manual adjustable.
  7. Power source: AC-220V±10%, 50Hz±2Hz.
  8. Environment: RH≤75%RH, Temperature: 0℃~40℃.
There is no strong electromagnetic interference source around, no large amount of dust and
corrosive gas, good ventilation.
 9. Power loss: quiescent power drain<30VA