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HM5050 Transformer Test Bench

Comprehensive Transformer Test Bench
Electrical Test Bench Equipment
Test Bench For Transformer Testing

Product Description


This Comprehensive transformer Test Bench is an integrated testing device for power transformer testing , included Transformer Turns Ratio Test, Winding Resistance test, Power frequency withstand voltage test, Inductive Withstand Voltage Test, Load and no-load loss test,etc. It’s widely used for manufacturer of power transformer , electrical laboratory etc.


  1. 15.6 inch LCD touch screen display, man-machine interface, Mitsubishi PLC control, can print test data.
  2. High precision sensor, Mitsubishi high performance AD analog module, resolution up to 32000.
  3. Automatic and manual current-up test are optional, flexible and simple operation.
  4. Real-time display of power voltage, power current, output voltage and current, test time, etc.
  5. Perfect over-current protection.
  6. The output current can be adjusted by setting the three-phase average value arbitrarily.
  7. With back zero detection function, test can be carried out after back zero is confirmed, safe and reliable.
  8. Automatically current withstand timing after reaching the target output current. The current can be adjusted automatically during timing process ,to ensure test current is within required range.The voltage regulator motor returns to zero automatically after timing over.


Totally customized according to tested power transformer .
Main components include:
  1. Transformer Parameter Tester
  2. Three-Phase Inductive Voltage Regulator
  3. Three-phase Isolated Step-up Transformer  
  4. Standard Current Transformer
  5. Standard voltage transformer
  6. Oil-filled AC Test Transformer 
  7. Multiple Frequency Generator