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HM9890 Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Content Analyzer

Oil Chromatogram Analyzer,
DGA Analyzer

Product Description


A Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Content Analyzer (DGA Analyzer) is a specialized instrument used to analyze the dissolved gas content in insulating oil used in power transformers. Transformers are crucial components in electrical systems, and monitoring their health is essential to prevent unexpected failures and downtime. A DGA Analyzer works by extracting a sample of the transformer oil and analyzing the gases dissolved in it. The concentration and type of gases present can provide valuable insights into the condition of the transformer. Different types of faults, such as overheating, arcing, partial discharge, and insulation breakdown, produce specific gas patterns that can be detected by the analyzer.


  1. High separation efficiency: It has the ability to separate and analyze substances with very similar physical andchemical properties (such as isomers in isotopic organic compounds), and can also achieve satisfactoryseparation and analysis for mixtures with extremely complex components (such as components of petroleum products);
  2. Fast analysis speed: Chromatographic analysis can complete sample analysis containing several or dozens of components in just a few minutes or more;
  3. Low sample usage: Only a few milliliters or even fewer samples are needed to complete an analysis;
  4. High sensitivity: It can distinguish the component content or impurity quality in parts 100000 or tens of thousands;
  5. Wide applicability: It can not only analyze gases, but also liquids and gases contained in solids.


1. Power requirement: Voltage: 220 ± 10%
- Frequency: 50 ± 0.5Hz
- Power: ≥ 3000W
- Grounding requirement resistance: < 0.1 Ω
2. Gas source requirement:
- Nitrogen: 99.995%
- Hydrogen: 99.995%
- Air: dry and oil-free
3. Basic operating requirements for hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)
- Carrier gas: flow rate 50ml/min (30-80 ml/min)
- Hydrogen gas: flow rate 30ml/min (25-40 ml/min)
- Air: Flow rate 350 ml/min (250-500 ml/min)