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HMSLQ Primary Injection Test Set

Primary Current Injection Test Equipment
Strong Current Generator
Primary Current Injection Test

Product Description


Primary Current Injection Test Set is a necessary equipment in various industries that require high current in electrical commissioning. It is used in power plants, transformer and distribution stations, electrical manufacturing plants and scientific research and laboratory units. It belongs to the short-term or intermittent working system. The HMSLQ Primary Current Injection Test Set produced by our company has the characteristics of stable performance and convenient use and easy maintenance.


  1. The control screen accepts the IPC.
  2. Test result can save 100 records for recording and printing.
  3. 10 inch LCD touch screen display, PLC control, high speed thermal printer.
  4. Automatic up flow test and manual up flow test are optional, flexible and simple operation.
  5. Real-time display output current, time results, with intuitive display.
  6. Perfect over current protection, arbitrary setting is available for target output current value, current upper limit and current endurance time


  1. Input voltage: AC220V/380V ± 10%50Hz ± 1.
  2. Output current: 0-20000A (according to customer’s demand).
  3. Output voltage: 6V-24V(according to customer’s demand).
  4. Duty cycle: 8hours(according to customer’s demand)
  5. Ambient temperature: -10℃to 50℃).
  6. Current accuracy: ≤1.0% (F.S).
  7. 16-way temperature detection (according to customer, s demand).