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HMSLQ-1000A Primary Current InjectionPrimary Current Injection Set

Primary Injection Set
Primary Current Injection Test Equipment
Strong Current Generator 1000A

Product Description


HMSLQ-1000A Primary Current Injection is widely used for strong-current field in electrical test, which is used in power plant, distribution substation, electrical equipment manufacturing, scientific research, laboratory and other units


  1. Full metal shell and aluminum-alloy panel combination with reasonable structure,
  2. Designed with wheel, convenient to move in actual testing .
  3. Simple wiring connection , easy to use and maintenance .
  4. Digital display and pointer display are optional .
  5. Simple wiring connection , easy to operate .


  1. Input Voltage:220V,single phase
  2. Capacitance:6KVA
  3. Primary Voltage:220V;Secondary Voltage:6V
  4. Primary Current:27.2A,Secondary Current:1000A
  5. Voltage/current accracy:1.5%6.G.Weight/N.Weight:78gks/60kgs
  6. Full load time should not exceed 5 minutes,
Continuous work time should be less than 2.5 minutes,but the working cycle should be more than 10 minutes.