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HMSLQ-500A Primary Current Injection

Primary Current Injection Test Equipment
Strong Current Generator

Product Description


HMSLQ-500A box-type Primary Current Injection is a necessary equipment for high-current field in electrical test, which is used in power plant, distribution substation, electrical equipment manufacturing, scientific research, laboratory and other units.


  1. It belong to short or intermittent working system.
  2. It's in small size, light weight, good performance.
  3. Simple wiring connection , easy to use and maintenance .
  4. In digital display, easy to read the value .
  5. Designed with wheel, convenient to move in actual testing .


  1. Input voltage: single phase 220V±10% / 50Hz±1%
  2. Input current:  single phase  13.6 A
  3. Output voltage: single phase 0 ~ 6V (adjustable)/ 50Hz±1%
  4. Output current: single phase  0 ~ 500A    
  5. Voltmeter:  accuracy /1.0%
  6. Current meter:  accuracy 1.0%
  7. The capacity of the equipment is designed according to the 5min short-time working system. If it is used for intermittent work, the power-on time should be less than 2.5min and the working cycle should be more than 10min